Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of Birthday Parties do you offer?

We offer a Basic Party that is semi-private. It lasts 2 hours and is for 15 children (additional children can be added). The Private Birthday Party also lasts 2 hours but is totally private and for unlimited guests.

Both packages provide pony and horse rides with trained handlers, hayrides, and a covered picnic area. A parking area is provided and unlimited fresh air.  Please call or email Ms. Frankie for pricing.

May I have some details on your riding lessons?

Yes, Show team riding lessons are 2 hours weekly (see times & days on the News Page). We offer much flexibility in lesson times but a definite time slot should be arranged. These lesson times can be changed with prior notice and we make every effort to accommodate the student's needs.

 The lessons include grooming, tacking, riding instruction and Horse Show preparation. All Regular Riding students are required to attend at least one Horse Show as a groom before being eligible to show. Riding Lessons students are also eligible to participate in our student volunteer program. We offer sibling discounts (2 students) and Family Rates as well.

Do I have to have prior experience with riding?

No, we take students of all ages and with all experience levels from novice to advanced.