Ms. Frankie & Friends

When you visit the Red Barn Pony Park you will almost always see Ms. Frankie. Her love of horses and community led her in 1997 to establish an alternative recreational facility in Sumter, SC that would offer families, children and adults an opportunity to experience a country setting with an emphasis on horses, their care, maintenance, and of course, on horseback riding. The park was opened as the Red Barn Pony Park.

Ms. Frankie has had many years of experience with horses and is a certified horseshow Judge but she also is heavily involved in Therapeutic riding as it impacts special needs children and is a Certified Special Olympics Coach.  She has also been actively involved in the therapy of autistic children and is fluent in sign language for the hearing impaired.  She started a Clemson extension 4-H Club for Sumter youth and helps the members obtain scholarships so that they may attend the annual State Convention.  Highlights of her professional life follow:

Owner and Head Trainer: 1997 - Present

sample imageOpened the Red Barn Pony Park in 1997 to establish a farm setting for children and aldults to enjoy. Activities replicate aspects of farm life with hayrides and pony rides. The Park is unique in the Sumter area and provides an educational outlet for many school groups, disabled individuals, and anyone wishing to learn about horses. Other services include birthday parties, field trips, horseback riding lessons, and therapeutic riding. Emphasis is placed on programs with South Carolina Special Olympics and Clemson Extension 4-H Association.

  • 2011 North Carolina State University Re-certified Open Horse Show Judge
  • 2004 North Carolina State University Certified Open Horse Show Judge
  • 2002 South Carolina Department of Special Needs Autism Training Short Course
  • 2001 Special Olympics Certified Coach
  • 1999 Horsemanship Safety Accociation Level 2 Instructor
  • 1996 Clemsion Extension Service Master Gardener
Highlights of Business:
  • sample image2004 SC State Fair Horse Show
  • 2004 Clemson Extension 4-H Summer Camp Assistant Trainer
  • 2004 Recient of full Scholarships for 2 students to 4-H Horsemanship Camp
  • 2003 Grant for Summer Camp for Autistic Children from the SC Department of Special Needs
  • School Field Trips for over 300 disabled students in Sumter and surrounding areas
  • 2002 - 2003 Special Olympics State Horse Show
  • 2002 Salt Lake Olympics Torchbearer for volunteer work with the Special Olympics
  • 1999 Public Broadcasting TV "Carolina Scene" featured business
  • 1998 - 2009 Sumter County Fair Horse Show
Early Training: (1975 - 1982)
  • Dogwood Farms Thoroughbred Racing Stables. Aiken, SC
  • Hagar Ranch, Houston, TX
  • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Tifton, GA

Contacting Ms. Frankie

Ms. Frankie can be contacted directly at or by phone at 803-494-8004.

Our Team

Ms Renee is the Barn Manager and Ms. Sheryl is the Park Administrative Assistant. We also have several handlers with 8 - 10 years of horsemanship experience that assist regularly. All of our volunteers help make The Park a success and we express our gratitude to them.

Our Partners

We consider our veternarians and farrier, described on our Company page, to be an integral partner in our success. Also, we consider the community as a partner for providing a diverse grouping of resources and people that can be called on for assistance and expertise in a variety of areas. A special shout out should go to King Feed in our area. Thank you!